CD trade

I traded a CD with Snigel since that’s one of his things to do at his list. The trade is mainly a way to get a broader view of music, hear others favorites and find music that I like and give away something someone else may like.
The philosophy behind my CD was to make a good and taste-teasing CD with a lot of tracks with good music. And more important – a CD that can be listened to at any time. Not to much genre-changing.
I gave away a CD with following tracks:
1. Maria Mena – Just hold me
2. Beck – Lost cause
3. Colin Hay – Overkill
4. Gavin DeGraw – Follow through
5. Jimmy Eat World – Lucky denver mint
6. Joshua Radin – Winter
7. Lisa Miskovsky – Driving one of your cars
8. Milla Jovovich – Gentlemen who fell
9. Oasis – Half the world away
10. Puddle of mudd – Blurry
11. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dani California
12. Staind – It’s been awhile
13. Stereophonics – Maybe tomorrow
14. Subvision – Killing floor
15. Goo goo dolls – Iris
16. Barenaked Ladies – Pinch me
17. Black Light Co. – Too late Madelene
18. Pink – Humble neighborhood
19. Popsicle – Not forever

When I compiled the CD I felt really good about it, but after some hours of thinking I found out there’s a lot of tracks I missed.
Pete Yorn – Fallen in love with someone, Josh Joplin – Camera One and anything of Counting Crows to begin with. But heck, I may as well tell Snigel about these tracks now.

I have listened to the CD I got from Snigel, and… Yeah, I liked most of it. Normally I’m more of a softrock guy and Snigel’s CD wasn’t that soft, to say the least. It was a lot of industrial, metal and synth/trance which I like even though I don’t listened to it much.
The favorite at the CD must be Deine Lakaien – Return. An artist/a group I havn’t heard of before.

Första besöket?

På finns runt 2 000 artiklar. Vet du inte var du ska börja har jag sammanställt en lista med artiklar att läsa.

Tyckte du att artikeln gav dig något?

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