A little report #1

It is not much to say actually. I’ve started some of the projects at the list, mostly those of the things that’s a month or a week or something. They’re easy to start but not that easy to fulfill. I think.
I’ll read as much as I can, and the second book (the first being Diary by Chuck Palahniuk) is written by an author I’ve not heard of before – Robert M. Pirsig. The book being Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance and it’s really good as far as I know. I have not read more than five chapters tho.

The biggest thing I’ve started so far is remaking the design of Yasylum. I think it’ll be good when it’s done, but it’s hard to make it work properly. I won’t give up, I promise.

Tyckte du att artikeln gav dig något?

Swisha gärna ett litet bidrag till 0739 26 61 52 (eller köp en bok från bokönskelistan åt mig). Tack! <3


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