Woho! I made it!

I completed the thing I thought would be one of the hardest to achieve. And I did it Try #1.
I am, of course, talking about ”065. A week without making a pun.”
Yeah, I know a lot of you people out there don’t believe it, I’m known for my silly puns and that I say them as often as I can, but I made a week without it, and I’m proud of me. I won’t continue tho, because the puns is a part of me, and I’ll have to admit: It was hard. Really hard. I bit my lips many times and it was really close other times.

064. A week without cursing.” was a lot harder. I’m cursing without knowing it and that’s why it’s so hard to stop myself from cursing. I will continue my struggling!

Tyckte du att artikeln gav dig något?

Swisha gärna ett litet bidrag till 0739 26 61 52 (eller köp en bok från bokönskelistan åt mig). Tack! <3


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