In English

Welcome! Unfortunately for non-swedish readers, most of the content here are, indeed, in Swedish. There are, however some things that might interest you. Stay awhile and listen, as a wise man once said.

My name is Martin Ackerfors. I’m a librarian, father, author, and reader from Sweden. Some incarnation of this site has been around since 2003, and during the time I have written about 900,000 words in about 2,000 posts. I’ve also publishied one novel, one collection of poetry, and one collection of essays, and am currently searching for a publisher for my second novel. Everything in Swedish, I’m afraid.

My works in English consists mainly of role-playing stuff: games, adventures, and such:

As yet to be published:

  • Nostalgia, a story-telling game.
  • Much Ado For William, a role-playing game in 15 sonnets.
  • Working Title DDEEE, a post-apocalyptic role-playing game of discoveries and camaraderie.