The Ruins under Hagberry Road

A Dungeon 23-project, written and drawn by Martin Ackerfors.

As many others, I was thrilled by the prospect of creating a mega-dungeon with 365 rooms. It was crazy maybe, but #dungeon23 was a project that I could not resist, and I started out strong (which, perhaps, is mostly thanks to me giving myself a head start during the holidays) with ‘Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Hagberry Road?’, a name lent from a Lana Del Ray song. Under a tile was meant to be a whole system of rooms and corridors filled with excitement and adventure.

First and foremost, I saw #dungeon23 as a chance to exercise drawing maps. I had tried doing some maps, mostly isometrics, but had not done much in a while. And creating for ‘Hagberry Road’ was great fun, somehow, I found the lust for drawing again, and the response to my pictures was encouraging. It felt as if I was not just an idle doodler, and I was inspired to follow this to where ever the end may be.

I do not for a second regret my work, even though it ended after 71 rooms. I had achieved what I wanted, and when the ideas ran dry, I stopped. I felt satisfied.

The maps collected in The Ruins under Hagberry Road are a selection of maps, and cluster of maps, from my project, slightly edited, but mostly left as they were. They are system-agnostic, even though there may be some stats for SKR still left. Feel free to use them in your dungeons and campaigns, any stubs or loose ends are yours to care for and develop. I worked in a kind of stream-of-consciousnessy manner without any preparation, and sometimes that will show. Be patient, please.

Lastly, thanks to all of you who followed me during my project. Without your support I would not have come even this far.

Martin Ackerfors

• 70 pages
• 49 rooms
• Some weapons and monsters

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