A World Mending

The world didn’t end. It was close. Some things fell apart, others took their place. This is the post- without the apocalypse. We should be celebrating, but we are too busy orienting ourselves in this new world, finding a place to live in, or even an identity, we can live with. Not just surviving.

We hit the road, or stayed nearby. We sought out solitude, or community. We connected, created, copulated, conceived of the fact that we were not dead, or even dying. We were rootless, and weary, out of the storm, but still struggling to find steady ground.

The world is mending, after all. But are you?

The stories told in A World Mending concern the people of this in-between, the time between the cancelled apocalypse and a future ready to be shaped. Who you were before hardly matters to anyone but you, but then, to you it matters an awfully lot.

About A World Mending

A World Mending by Martin Ackerfors is a table-top RPG loosely based on Into the Odd by Chris McDowall.

36 fully illustrated 6″x9″ pages.

Complete rules for creating characters, generating a setup and two adventure places.

Buy the softcover version from DrivethruRPG for $14.99, Lulu.com (EU friendly) for $14.99 or from Adlibris for 171 SEK. Download it for free or with a donation from itch.io or DrivethruRPG.

The Music that Inspired A World Mending

Sample pages

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